Simple UX Practices From Semalt That Improve Conversions

As SEO professionals, we do a lot of work in the background, but clients are only interested in conversions. No one wants to invest thousands of dollars in SEO and get traffic in return. Every client hopes that traffic and better ranking will lead to conversions.

One of the first things we tell clients is traffic without conversion is a bandwidth drain. We also know that if all we do is send traffic your way without conversions, we get fired. We don't want that, so here are some of the conversion rate optimization tactics we use in improving our client's conversions. 

In this article, we will be showing you simple UX practices that improve your user experience and conversions. 

Introducing Conversion Rate Optimization

We love optimizing your conversion rate; however, getting the right strategy involves a lot of tests. To perform every test, we need high-level tools, lots of time, and personnel for accurate results. 

If you want to have statistically proven numbers that say your landing page is going to work, we must spend money and time. But this shouldn't scare or discourage you. The steps you find in this article are simple, and they do not require a significant amount of time or money. 

Conversion rate optimization is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. With CRO, we can convert more users into customers. Without CRO, all the traffic you've worked so hard to get to your website will leave without making a dent in your sales. As a result, your business continues to spend more money on SEO without making sales, and you fold up. 

Conversions do not always mean sales. Instead, conversions are the results of a user taking the desired action on your website. These actions include: 
Ultimately, conversion is your visitors taking any action you want. 

Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

A Form On Every Page

Having a form on every page is a smart way to increase conversion. Now, this strategy largely depends on several other factors. There are sites that implement a form on every page and noticed significant improvements in their conversion rates. We can say with certainty that having a form on your page will increase your conversions.

Forms are effective because customers visit several sites that offer the services or products, taking notes of which websites offer the best. In the B2B world, an intern may be the one conducting this research for the CEO. In the B2C market, this could be a list of all the top sellers of a particular product. 

In a typical ecommerce situation, the top vendors will notice a rise in their sales. However, in a situation where many vendors are competing closely, vendors with from tend to collect far more customers and follow up sales. That is because the first sale is usually the hardest, and once your product meets their standards, they come back for more. 

With forms on every page, you stand a greater chance of collecting emails, so you alert them once stock is replenished. You can also use this opportunity to reconnect with lost customers when you offer special sales when you need a way to get rid of your overstocked inventory, boost sales, or merely have more consumers on your mailing list. 

Have A Unique Selling Position

If you don't have a unique selling position, this should be a wake-up call to get one. If you need help, our assistants at Semalt are more than happy to work you through what it means and how it can help your business. 

A unique selling point or USP is an incentive you use to convince people to buy from you instead of somewhere else. With the perfect USP, you will not only be able to make your initial sale or get a contact, but it will be the reason you continue to have repeat and new customers on your website. 

In essence, your UPS is that shinning jewel that keeps people coming to buy from you rather than your competitors. Customers who want to buy a product or simply research a product can provide their contact information and become a new lead. It is the job of your UPS to convert said leads into customers. 

A good USP will lead to sales, while a poor one leaves you with a skunk. However, you shouldn't assume that a good USP applies to everyone. By its definition, it is unable to please everyone. Instead, it is designed to appeal specifically to your target audience. 

In fact, a good USP can be designed to appeal to a portion of your customers and not the others. For instance, you could produce a high-end product that isn't affordable to all your customers. In this case, we can create a USP that targets only customers who can afford such products. 

In creating the proper USP, you must understand your consumer base and create a targeted message. Don't be afraid to create a message that will appeal directly to them. It's okay to lose customers that aren't interested in your product. But it is bad to lose customers that find your website or product inadequate, so they go to your competition. 


If you can, you should answer every question your customers have asked in the past and be prepared to answer new questions from new visitors. Having a chat on your site is a game-changer when it comes to CRO. 

There is no better way to show your audience how much you care about their needs how accessible your business is, and it is one easy way to win over more leads. In our experience, chatting alone can increase your conversion rate by 30%. 

When a customer visits your site after interacting with a couple of your pages, you can have a chat box pop up saying, "Have a question about our brand or products?", or "Chat with me now to learn more about our Special Offer!" once a visitor interacts with the chat, they are welcomed with a warm message and the chatbot interacts with the user. If the conversation gets too technical for the bot, the chat is sent over to a customer care provider. You can also use the chatbot for incomplete chats on the site. In this case, the bot's response to unknown inputs will be, "We aren't available right now, but we are happy to get back to you shortly."

People fill out these forms, and you get to answer inquiries leading to better conversion rates. There are some leads that will never convert without online chat. 

Get your Phone Number in the Upper Right-Hand Corner

Many clients have found it unnecessary to provide their phone numbers on their sites. In fact, some businesses cut down the amount of time on the phone as a success metric. In our opinion, this strategy is flawed. 

As a brand gunning for the top, you should be delighted when your customers call you. We believe you should also keep records of calls (ensure you inform your customers that the call is being recorded) so you can revisit them and find better ways to improve your business. 

For websites that offer technical support or products as a SAAS product, it may be wise to cut down on your tech support calls. But if you deal in the sale of products and services, you should allow your customers the freedom to pick up the phone and call your business. There are shy customers and careful ones who wouldn't give up their credit card number without the assurance they get from a simple phone call. 

Having your phone number right there on their screens is an indicator that you have nothing to hide. Whereas burying your phone number can be considered an admission of guilt by some customers. 

Making sure your customers can freely contact you on the phone also shows your confidence in the products and services you're selling. In reality, most websites feel they have failed in effectively communicating with their audience if they get calls. However, web consumers are trained to look for phone numbers in the top right corner of a site. 

Place a phone number there and see how many calls you get. You should have an operations person who regularly listens to these calls. The information you gather from calls alone will shock you. 


You don't have to spend so much to increase your conversion rates. Sometimes, the solutions are simple, budget-friendly, and effective. With these simple tricks, you should be able to increase your conversions significantly. 

Better still, you can have our experts take a look at your website and tell you exactly what you need. We won't just by optimizing your conversion rate but your entire SEO. We offer affordable packages that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more.